Product of Rugby

We found the testimonials from people and their experience around rugby to be inspirational. All the fans, players, coaches, parents, friends, sport fanatics, have a funny way of connecting when they hear the word "rugby". As we explore and continue to grow the global game here in the United States, we want to create a sense of unity by giving people a proud way to show how rugby has been a positive impact in their life. Our sporting apparel business is here for the past, present, and future population of people who consider themselves a "Product of Rugby". Whether rugby has had the slightest, or biggest, impact on your life, we believe there are values and qualities that are different to any other sport in the world. A catalyst for inclusion, diversity, respect, and even charity. In our initial two years, we raised over 1,000$ for Feeding Americas Children. As we expand our clothing line, we look to direct our charitable contributions to the need of any team, any player, and/or any person in the American rugby community.

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(All photos taken by Griff Lacey)